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How to Order


To find the Product you are looking for you can use “Quick Search” at top of the page and enter its name (such as: Samsung S4, Bugaboo, etc.). You can also choose it from the Brands on the left side menu or from the Categories in the upper menu.

You found it! Great! Going to the next step!


You don’t know if we have the product in stock or not?! If you see green trolley and big button saying “Add to Basket” that means we have it in stock! Press “Add to Basket” so that we can continue.  or just chat with our live chat agent or call us to place an order Checkout process starts and you are on step 1.


Here you can change quantity (optional), select your country from a drop down menu . Total amount that you see is indeed total. There are no hidden costs (no taxes, no custom fees). If you like what you see go on next step by pressing CHECKOUT.


If you are NEW customer, you should enter all your details, select payment method, select “I agree with terms and conditions” and conclude the order by pressing “FINISH ORDER”.

If you are OLD customer, you should select “Returning customer”, enter your Username (email address) and password, press “Log In” and all your previously entered information will be shown. Select payment method, select “I agree with terms and conditions” and conclude the order by pressing “FINISH ORDER”.


If you choose Bank Transfer  or cash deposit as payment method this is it! In 24 hours our customer service will send you payment instructions that you can use to make the payment. As soon as we receive the payment your order will be sent.

If you choose PayPal / Credit Card as payment method, you would be provided with the Paypal Email address to make payment for your order or sent a paypal invoice to make payment securely using your credit card or Paypal account. As soon as we receive the payment and process your order we will contact you to confirm the order and send it to you.

That’s it!


When you finish your order, first thing we do is to check your information and reserve the goods just for you.
We ask for any additional documents if we need and validate them. For orders paid with bank transfer we send payment instructions.
When everything is checked and order is paid the warehouse takes over and packs up your device.
Warehouse hands over the package to courier service (before noon)

  • Ordered
  • Processing Order
  • Ready for Sending
  • Shipped